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2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Bruce Taylor says:

    Thank you for providing details of walks in the Sandbach area. My wife and I enjoyed the walk along the River Wheelock from Crewe Road to the canal. I thought you may like some feed back.
    a) the farm gate approx 400m from Crewe Road was open and caused us some confusion until we realised you meant “the gate which is a field corner without a stile, turn right”

    b) “in about 200m approaching the end of a hedge go through G4”. Unfortuneately, the hedge has been shortened so it is necessary to continue approx 20m passed the end of the hedge.

    c) typos. Wheelock Hall Farm is referred to as Wheelock Heath Farm in option A and on the map, twice. Option B has “ignoringing” and Onwards from Crewe Road has a “terrace house.

    I hope you continue to provide routes for walks like this as it gets us out. Thank you.

    Bruce and Jan Taylor


  2. Jacky says:

    Love the maps, thank you for taking the time to organise all of this. Jacky.


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