Adopt a Path

Members of Sandbach Footpath Group are encouraged to adopt a local path by walking it to ensure that it is in good order, identified by waymarks and not blocked by encroaching vegetation. Members may, with authorisation from Cheshire East Council, provide waymarks and trim back vegetation to keep the path open.

The paths that have been adopted so far are shown in this map.

There is obviously a need for guidance for this sort of activity and the documents listed below provide it. If you intend to join this scheme, please read them carefully and follow the guidance contained in them!

Guidance Documents (click the title to see the document):

Waymarking of Public Rights of Way
Waymarking – Risk Assessment
Cutting Back Vegetation on Public Rights of Way
Cutting Back Vegetation – Risk Assessment
Health & Safety
Volunteer waymark and veg cut registration letter


When they have read and understood the above guidance, volunteers need to be registered by Cheshire East Council.  The process for allowing Adopt-a-Path volunteers to obtain a letter of authority is described below:

  • ask Trevor Boxer for the application form [ref PROW/VOLs] . Trevor’s email address is
  • OR download the above form “Volunteer waymark and veg cut registration letter.
  • complete the form.
  • send it to the address at Cheshire East Council shown on the form
  • Cheshire East Council will send you a letter of authority to show in case you are questioned by a landowner or other interested person.
  • carry the letter with you whenever you do any work on a Cheshire East Right of Way.